Sound from target display while working?

I’m curious about how people consider audio connected to a physical display object while they’re creating. When you are working for a specific target medium, say a CRT TV, do you prefer to have the audio coming from the TVs speakers while working? Does it affect how you connect with that medium? Same kinda deal with projectors, do you need big theatre sound while working on that, or are headphones fine?

I realize these are some vague questions, and I’m sure there’s probably a better way to phrase them. I guess it’s sorta like the idea of diegetic sound in a movie, whether sound is coming directly from your target display object or not. Edit: I mean this in the context of it affecting how you as an artist connect with the medium, not in a technical sense

i prefer to use my monitor speakers when working with sound, though i have occasionally worked with the sound coming out of the internal speaker on a CRT just for novelty or convenience at times, i prefer to work with a more accurate reproduction of the sound. i only use headphones if i am forced to (avoiding bothering neighbors). but i think it’s a very personal thing, of course there’s not really a right or wrong.