Starting my first bending project, please help

I just got a Sima editmaster plus and i’m very eager to start bending. This is my first real projector and don’t really have any safety precautions besides just looking up the data sheet for chips, and staying away from the power and vin/vout points. I don’t want to fry the circuit or my outlet, because the only other thing I can test on is an extra mx pro I have. Is it 100% recommended I don’t plug into mains power and use some kind of 12v battery outlet thing? I’m just gonna need some tips all around :slight_smile:

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If you can avoid pluging in into the wall directly (maybe try like one of those boxes with a independent fuse, so you don’t mess with your house) try to start small with a little wire and a sharpie marker so you Id the cool spots, Have fun! Keep us posted!

Looks like it uses a 12VDC wall-wart for power. That means you don’t need to worry much about electrical safety, becasue the mains voltage is safely isolated inside the wall-wart.

Try to avoid shorting the positive power rail (+12V) to ground (0V). If some chip runs at a lower voltage (5V, say), try avoid poking it with 12V. Other than that, I say go ahead and poke around!

Getting the schematics from a service manual is good to have laying around just to see what you’re dealing with.


Thank you for the tips! I do have a few question though. With a wall wart type power block there’s something in it that would stop the main power from going bonkers if I hit were to short it? Also, my idea of bending was kinda just adding pot’s between 2 chip points, that will work right? Or do I have to worry about how much power is going into each chip?

Your mains power is not physically connected to your circuit, but is magnetically transferred via the transformer inside the PSU (power supply unit/wall-wart). That means you are not in danger of messing with it. Additionally, all commercial power supplies have some sort of short circuit and reverse polarity protection for cases when you plug things the wrong way. But in the end you can think of your PSU as a 12V battery.

Adding pots between chip pins might be interesting. Just try!

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Usually a ceramic cap between pot and bend connection can help too

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Just got a ton of different value ceramic caps, thanks for the tip!