Sticker Exchange!

Hey all! As a fun community-building project, I’m putting together a sticker exchange of our various video artist brands or cool made-up names. This will get your tag in front of ten other video artists, and if you collect them (like I do) you’ll get back ten new ones.

If you’d like to participate, reach out and I’ll give you an address. Send me 10 of your stickers, and when I get them from everyone I’ll sort out the piles and send you back one of each.

I look forward to seeing what you got!


woah this is a cool idea !! v keen. ima go make some stickers now :)))

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I got room for four more I think, so there’s plenty of time to get in on this one or if not that then the next round. If there are any artists/brands you know who have any and wanna get in on it let em know!