Sticker Exchange!

Hey all! As a fun community-building project, I’m putting together a sticker exchange of our various video artist brands or cool made-up names. This will get your tag in front of ten other video artists, and if you collect them (like I do) you’ll get back ten new ones.

If you’d like to participate, reach out and I’ll give you an address. Send me 10 of your stickers, and when I get them from everyone I’ll sort out the piles and send you back one of each.

I look forward to seeing what you got!


woah this is a cool idea !! v keen. ima go make some stickers now :)))

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I got room for four more I think, so there’s plenty of time to get in on this one or if not that then the next round. If there are any artists/brands you know who have any and wanna get in on it let em know!

Sign me up! is the best way to get in touch with me.

We’ve got 3x Sticker designs right now. . . So, yeah. I’m down to ship you 30 stickers.

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I’m up for it ! I got cool reverselandfill stickers! the design is done by my girlfriend. toxic plants & animals in a certain (possibly familiar) shape.
@boilingsky where are you based?


DMd you

just dropped my stickers in the mail! Super stoked!

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Hey all, any updates on this?

Hey! thanks for the message. Feels like I’m perpetually waiting for two more, so I will go ahead and send out the packs in the next week. I have little piles by all the return envelopes ready to go. I think I did a decent job keeping everything separated so nobody gets any of their own stickers back.


Hey there! This is a great Idea and I think we still have some of our stickers to spare. Is this still open or did you already send them out? Would love to participate if still possible :slight_smile:

not Italy anymore (unless you mean someone else than me) :slight_smile:

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