Subcarrier tv: an online video art focused public access station

we are kicking off this evening with a broadcast of a/v artworks from
chris leblanc

alex pelly


andrei jay & paloma kop

starting at 7pm EDT

and tomorrow will be a premiere of some new audio visuals stuffs from me, and another stream saturday of some video art oddities that i scrounge up from the internet archive and other such sources.

and for the rest of april we will have programming forthcoming from
will erokan
cs konopka

and will be opening up to getting more folks involved once we have a better idea of how this stuff works! hope to see some scanlines folks out there at one of thesee streames!

also is on owncast and can be followed on the fediverse (mastodon etc) if youd like to get notified about streams starting. is the handle!