Thoughts on Roland V5/Any success bending?

I’m considering getting one and maybe trying to bend it, but I know the V4 and V8 are insane to try to anything with. This doesn’t seem like it would be the same level of difficulty, but the fact it has certain features make me think that it might be a bigger challenge than I’m ready for.

I’m curious about anyone’s experience just using it in their chain or bending it


cool machine !

i would guess that it would be a pretty similar job to bending a v4… there is some documented guides out there for v4s , but i expect many people would be too cautious of frying em to try something like this… at the least you would want a game plan involving studying the service manual and datasheets of ic’s involved first…


It does seem very cool, im really considering getting one.

You’re right about the ICs, my plan was to go through some old bent gear and look at the ICs that have bends and look up their datasheet to find their purpose, like a chroma decoder, etc, and then search for chips on the V5 that serve the same purpose. I want to avoid anything that has to deal with memory or RAM.

One IC im worried I may not find are ones responsible for transitioning between sources, I want to learn the technical name of that chips. Hopefully ill find that on an MX-1 or something.

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