Title Generator Compatibility

I want to include a title generator into my video setup. I think it might be fun to be able to just enter some text on the fly and insert it into visuals. I use a Wj-AVE5 mixer but have found a wj-ttl7 character generator for cheap. Are these two compatible? I’m asking because that particular title generator was designed to be used with the ave7 mixer, but from my (very limited) understanding that should not be a problem right? I could not find anything on that online, but maybe someone here has some experience with these devices?


not sure if it would work but if its cheap enough to pick up and test out might be worth a shot.

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thought about it, but there was a fitting one for a reasonable price and I opted for that. Would be interesting to know though :slight_smile:

FWIW, the WJ-TTL7 is also compatible with the the WJ-AVE55 (manual)

The WJ-AVE55 has 4 inputs and is def. more advanced than the the WJ-AVE5…but maybe that “5” their names have in common marks some sort of compatibility… :crossed_fingers:


Thanks a lot!