TRASHPALACE preshow community screenings

im relaunching a film club in wellington next month that i have been running on and off for some years now…

TRASHPALACE : a weekly celebration of outsider, strange, experimental and cult cinema

anyway i like to screen pre-show footage before the feature film, something atmospheric / ambient to put on the projector while people are arriving, getting settled, making tea etc.

so was thinking maybe there are some artists here who would like to have their work shown in this kind of setting ? happy to have submissions from anyone who has longer form pieces (~30mins+ worth) they want shown to a microcinema full of movie goers in nz (+drop links to socials too if you want em shared) - also if u just have some recommendations to other pieces that might fit this preshow MOOD happy to hear them too :smiley:

semi-related, semi-desperate ⚠️ TRADE OFFER

nevermind it is all sorted now :grin: :grin:


heya @cyberboy666, i’m new here so i don’t seem able to able to dm you. i’m a friend of @pixelflowers and happened upon this very nice community yesterday. i can help remove some desperation from your life :tv:

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