Trinitron kv-1392R help

Yeah so I found this on the street on my walk home. Luckily nobody chopped the cable off for copper yet. But anyway, I’m trying to make sure I get the right cables/adapters I need for it since it dosnt have an rca input. It turns on, and I was able to hook up my Atari 2600 with the coax adapter on that cable and it got a signal. Typically I work with rca though. Long story long, anybody know the best adapter to get an rca into this VHF/UHF input?

I’m guessing it’s pretty straightforward but I want to avoid testing things and having to make returns. Thank you!!


The part you’re looking for is called an RF Modulator. On amazon or ebay the first several results will be ones with RCA inputs. This one looks fine:

Just as a bonus note, if you’re into newer game consoles, you could also get these combo adaptors that would hook up to ps1/2+N64+Gamecube+XBox:

Awesome. Had a feeling this is what I was looking for. I like that you can switch between 3-4 just in case. Thanks!

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