Trouble Capturing HDMI output into OBS

Hi everyone. I was hoping to see if anyone had thoughts as to why I have trouble capturing video into OBS studio on my 13" MBP. I have the following capture device:

It shows up in OBS studio as an option when I select a new video capture source, but after being selected, there is no video input which shows up. Any thoughts are appreciated.

I have a couple of blackmagic devices (mini recorder and intensity shuttle usb) - when they are connected and working they are great, but they are not exactly plug and play. Sometimes it is a case of matching the capture device settings (eg frame rate, resolution) to the camera. Other times it literally is unlugging / rebooting a few times.

What is the signal / device you are tryng to capture?

FWIW, I also need often to unplug and replug my capture card after I set it up as a source in OBS. I use Linux, with a cheap video composite capture USB stick.

I’m trying to capture HDMI out from Hypno, Critter adn Guitari ETC, but also, my iphone as a USB camera via EpocHD app.


This is a problem i have in OBS once in a while and I think the reason for it is i have a bad habit of creating multiple sources that use the same hardware device, so sometimes i just end up deleting sources until something works.

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I recently got some of the sources to work. To me it seems random, but may be linked to the order i which I power on, plug in cables, and start software. So i think the order should be: Power on all devices first. Then plug in HDMI cables. Then start OBS software. this doesnt always work, but it seems to be the correct order of things when it does work.

I’d believe it. OBS and hotplugging devices do not seem to mix.

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