TV colors and bars generators

Hello, I’m tired of lurking around, dreaming about a little lab and I finally decided to dig one offer I’ve found to kickstart the video production.
I’ve found two machines for TV testing at a really good price, they’re both Italian (I’m from there) and I haven’t found much English documentation about them.

  1. Nuova Elettronica LX 539
    for which you can find the blueprints at page 102 of this magazine

  2. UNAOHM EP 686B
    that does the same thing but better

Basically, from what I’ve got, they’re able to print to screen color bars, grid, chessboard; the 2. lets you vary the brightness and it has other video inputs. Thir output goes directly in the CRTV antenna input. For the 1. I know that there’s a UHF module at the end.
Do you think they’re worth the coin? I’m wondering about how I can manipulate those sources and mix them with other signals: thiking about amplification (?). At the moment I just have two CRTVs, but after this deal I’d make a trip at the local electric junk deposit and find some things.

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