UltraStudio Express/Desktop Video 12.4 > 2014 MacBook Pro BigSur - Connection/Install Issues

I have been researching my Desktop Video install problems the past few day and have come across all sorts of Agony, Pain, Regret and a few Victories. I have tried using Recovery Mode to add a Team Identifier: 9ZGFBWLSYP and approve KEXT files… (I think this is what I did, I’m so lost) I followed the message boards to what I thought was the end of the line.

Here is one of the things i tried… I’m honestly not even sure if i did it correctly. This is WAY WAY outside of my “Comfort Zone!”


What I have settled on is having to reinstall Desktop Video every time I restart and then approving the extension in System preferences and also adding the app to the firewall without restarting the computer. This process seems repeatable.

1.) Has anyone found a better way to do the Desktop Video Install on Mac BigSur?

2.) In the video below the capture screen is 90% green with a sliver of the video showing. After capture the file is fine but has anyone solved this issue?

Both issues have YouTube video Links Below. Would love any insight. Thanks!!!

Green Overlay Issue:

Install Workaround Issue:

Incase anyone should come across this post thinking about upgrading… Don’t update to MaxOS Big Sur. I’m not sure if it’s a Blackmagic Software issue or a MacOS issue but they are not Currently playing nice together.

Blackmagic Desktop Video v12.4
MacOS Big Sir v11.6.8

@PigPin why did you tag this as #analog-video ?

Do to the problem at hand being related to a Device(UltraStudio) being used for Capturing/Digitizing Analog Video.

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