Underscores two comparator effect pcb in a eurorack setup questions


I’m really new to all this and was wanting to take the two comparator effect kit I got from underscores and mount it in a eurorack setup. I have a couple questions regarding this process.

Power - the tiptop audio thing I have has +5v right? Does that mean there is +5 power in the ribbon cable loom stuff used to power other modules? Can I splice some things together and power the comparator once I meter the pins and find the right ones? Or is it actually way more complicated than different lines in the ribbon cables carrying different voltage and +/- charges that can be used for the 5v source for the kit.

Face plate - plan was to make one out of plastic or aluminium. My question is what is used to connect the pcb to a face plate if the face place can’t be attached via pots/jacks similar to other module designs? Some kinda elbow bracket thing glued and screwed?

How have you all done something like this or what would you suggest doing?

Thanks a bunch for the help.

hi @JacobeFrezno

iv been thinking about the same thing recently…

if you want detailed info on these things you should check out this video i uploaded recently:

iv been designing some eurorack compatible front plates for these circuits:

the panel is mounted to the pcb using m3 screws and nuts… files for this are on the github page

and yes you should be able to take a 5v + gnd from your eurorack power supply (if it has it) and connect this to the circuit through the barrel_jack plug

let me knkw how it goes or if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

@cyberboy666 Thanks for sharing the video and your thoughts on adapting these devices. They look really cool.

I’m going to try some blank panels and the L bracket style technique that people were sharing on the modwiggler forum. (I found that thread after I posted here). It seems the easiest given what I have to work with but I do like the process you’ve gone through and explained. My main tools are a drill, vise and a paint pen tho haha

I was researching video sync stuff and came across your sync_ope randomly. Thanks for that creation, super cool and useful for my workflow. It’s also where I spotted the comparator and thought hey that might fit in the eurorack stuff. I like the look of the circuits exposed as well but wanted to clear up table space and now I’m down the rabbit hole of trying to convert some of the stand alone DIY gear I have into a hybrid eurorack setup.

I will share pics of what I end up making, thanks for the info and for the gear you create and share.

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sounds good ! yes let me know how u go

sync_ope and comparator_effect could make a strong combo too ! have you tried using the comparator_effect output as cv input to sync_ope ? i havnt myself yet but in theory it could be really cool to key in the parts of signal to glitch / keep unglithced…