Unknown plug connection

Has anyone seen these type of connections? What is it? How do I connect it to a video art rig?

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Could you precise which device is it (editing original post)?
Is power cord (grey) I see? If this four wires are video out it could be component signal (Y Pb Pr), but you should confirm it using oscilloscope. If sure you could input it in some tbc like visualCortex or something else with custom plugs (RCA)…

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Its actually the top plugs that I don’t know. It’s for old tvs? I dont know.

definitely need some more context for this! whats the device?

A friend sent me this, they dont speak English well. We were discussing building an anolog TV collection for an instillation use, he showed me this and didn’t know what it was. I have no access to a car right now because of the pandemic so I cant visit stores.I’m thinking its a back of a stereotypical motel tv in old movies?

Is it a sticker with ref inside or outside the box, some numbers on PCB, any marks anywhere…? without no more info it’s gonna be hard to help you, even a (good) picture of the inside circuit?
I guess this plug is designed for a proprietary extension cable, but it’s hazardous to say which kind of signal it is. I’m afraid stores will not help you very much with vintage devices…