Using an old HD PVR with R_E_C_U_R

Finally got my recur up and running and I’ve been having a blast with it. Today I got out my old HD PVR that I’ve had stashed to try using it as a capture device.

Went in settings, enabled capture via USB, pressed the preview button and… It just seemed to crash the output. I had the chain as such PI Analog out → HDPVR, with the usb going back into the recur. The HDPVR has a passthru which was going back into my CRT.

When I press preview the output crashes seemingly, going to an image like the launch screen (red square, recur title), with text in the corner. I can’t remember what it said, something about restoring alsa session or something… I can find out later if this helps.

i did come across this which seems to imply that using the HDPVR to capture into the PI is very much possible but I’m pretty lost when it comes to anything lurking behind a frontend.

Anyone had any luck running this setup, or generally just have any idea how i should go about enabling a capture card that isnt plug and play?

interesting ! im not sure exactly why it would be crashing recur…

a good starting point for debugging this would be to try see if you can get video input from your capture device on the raspberry pi in general… (maybe some commandline or gui video players can do this ?)

if this works then the next step would be to see if it works running the default openframeworks capture example: if you are starting from recur image you should be able to find this somewhere around ~/openFrameworks/examples/Video/videoGrabberExample - you may need to modify this line to set the correct device (you will see it printed out in the logs)

otherwise recur should work with composite video input from easycap capture cards - like this and hdmi from capture cards like this both which are less than $10… so it could be easier to grab one of them rather than digging too deep into the weeds

oh hey dude. thanks for your time. recur is already proving to be a gamechanger for me!
i did grab myself a cheapo easycap that will come soon but i’m def gonna have a poke round and see if i can get ye olde PVR running

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