V-4EX Repair Help

I’m looking for anyone with knowledge of repairing a V-4EX, feel free to message me directly if that’s you.

Any help gratefully received.

Everything works except for composite input/output. Guess what I really want? Composite i/o.

Updated to 1.530, factory reset, video inputs set to composite, hdcp off, set to ntsc for ntsc sources.

Inputs only register seeing a composite connection when plugged in to the Hypno, not other video sources. But even the Hypno signal comes through on screen as black & white noise.

With other inputs (structure, mainbow) they don’t even register that a composite connection is present.

The composite output doesn’t send any signal.

I am adding photos of the internals for posterity and the curious:

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Well I see your problem, the circuit boards are supposed to be inside the case! :stuck_out_tongue:

In your video input settings make sure you change your inputs from HDMI to composite.

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