VCC3010 - Circuit Bent Video Colour Processor

Hiya. Here’s my latest project, which folks might find interesting, so starting a thread for folks to discuss/share tips etc as I know that at least one other person has been actively bending one of these.

It’s a video colour processor from Video Tech in the UK. In the video I talk a bit about it and show how bad my drilling is (as well as the effects demo).


jesus dude, you’re on a roll

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I have a sickness.


of all the stills to grab haha

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is the avoidance of A/C power saftey-related? i’m curious because i’m currently acquiring parts to assemble a couple of Syntonie DIY projects that both use A/C.

What projects? I would be very surprised if a DIY project uses AC.

Generally though, yeah. I’m no engineer, but I prefer to have the AC to DC conversion done outside of the case, so there’s theoretically less risk of me hitting any kind of AC/transformer within the device itself.

The projects are FFG
and TRQ

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Cool looking projects!

The power supplies there look to take relatively low voltage AC input - 9v and 15v, whereas the usual AC power you find on commercial video enhancement devices is the full 120/230v into the case (at least from what I’ve found here in the UK), so there’s a big difference there - and I wouldn’t worry.

The other thing is that when building a pre-determined project that has a PCB etc laid out, the risk should in theory be smaller than poking about with different components in ways that they were never designed/intended to be combined.

Good luck with the projects!

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Thanks for putting my mind at ease!