VCR only gives signal through SCART not RCA

I recently bought a VCR and apparently it will only give me signal through a SCART to SCART cable, no use using a SCART to RCA or any adapter of the sort. It’s an old Synudine but it’s very cute, I need to get its signal through RCA composite because I need to get it on a Wjave7 Panasonic mixer to make my glitch videos. It doesn’t have a SCART in of course, only te TV does.

Any suggestions? :innocent:

Hi @Tastytasty and welcome to scanlines!!

When playing with VCRs, I noted that some SCART-RCA adapters are bi-directional (and there will likely be a switch to set that), while other ones only work in a direction (in my experience that is RCA to SCART - not the other way around). Make sure you’re using the right adapter. You probably took care of that already but just in case…

Yes did that, but thanks. It’s like the VCR is so busted that it emits a signal so weak that only scart cable to SCART can support it… But that’s just my idea… Weird.

if your scart converter is missing a lot of pins, it is an input (RCA to scart)
try buying one with a switch, like @pixelflowers said.
as for signal power, I don’t think that will be the problem

I had a similar problem with a CRT TV. The Scart adapter with switch didn’t work on that TV, but it worked fine on others.

Since the TV did not get a signal from a video device that tels the TV that there is a video signal incoming, it did not ‘see’ the other video device.

So I made the TV see it. I soldered a wire to one of the pins. Now I can turn the Scart channel on and off with a switch.

Here is how:

You need to find the Scart pin 8


This pin works like this:

PIN 8 scart connector

0 to 2 V means no signal, or internal bypass

4.5 to 7 V (nominal 6 V) means a widescreen (16:9) signal

9.5 to 12 V (nominal 12 V) means a normal (4:3) signal

I heard someone that just attached a wire with a 9v battery to that pin. (note that this is technically 0.5v too low but it was said it worked.)

I did not want to use a battery and opened the CRT TV. (This can be very dangerous, in some cases cost a life, so be very careful.)

I soldered a basic universal power supply (UPS) to the incoming high power of the TV. I’ve set the UPS to 10v or so. Then I connected the 10v output from the UPS with a wire to the pin 8 on the PCB of the TV. I’ve placed a switch on the 10v wire on the back of the TV. And it works.

You can just do this on a cable alone, not modifying your VCR.
Just find the wire to pin 8 on a Scart cable, open it up, disconnect it and attach a new wire to it, and get a ‘fake’ 10v signal on it.

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