Vector Hack 2022


We are pleased to announce that the next Vector Hack festival will take place between 1-8 October 2022 in Zagreb and Šibenik, Croatia. We have an open call for local participation, remote presentations, and screening works open now.

All works for consideration should involve oscilloscopes, scan processors, laser projectors, XY displays, plotters, or other media archaeological displays. Analog or digital video works not involving the aforementioned techniques will not be considered.

Deadline 25 August.

Please follow this link for details: Open Call ~ VectorHack Festival

Thank you for your kind attention!


…just pushing this up: i followed the livestream yesterday from the afternoon (from 15:00 CET) into the evening and i not only enjoyed it but learnt a lot also…

…it is a pity that i did not understand earlier (than last week when i watched all the Vector Hack 2018 videos available on Youtube - highly recommended!!) what this event is all about as i would really have tried to organize being ‚on location‘ otherwise…

…check Youtube for the scheduled livestreams - searching ‚Vector Hack Festival‘ you should be able to subscribe and be notified when the (european time) afternoon sessions start…