Vectors, parameters, devices

some nifty things i been up to lately
i got a beta test version of paramter locking for waaave pool just about finished, it takes in continuous control data and loops it so you basically have draw yr own lfos for all the continuous stuffs now. its pretty basic tho, everything is like pretty much fixed to a global clock atm and theres a bit of wonkiness to the latching but will let this loose in the world and see how it plays. im cool with crude and wonky so long as its also fun

got a digidesign 8 i/o rack mount soundcard from like 20 years ago out of the trash and it works with my osx stuffs so far. that plus i finally got the right power adapter for my tupperware modular rig and am getting a clean signal out of thw expert sleepers thing too so this should be fun for vectors. my kurzweils (even the early 90s one) still has cleaner lines tho! shrug emoticon.

and the slow motion battle between thr morning glory and the mothrt of thousands seems to be potentially in favor of the mot so far

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