Vertex displacement feedback

here and there i’ve been refining a single piece of software that melds together the fine tuned feedback systems of video waaaves with the not so fine tuned vertex displacment system of spectral mesh into one zone. i’ve been working a lot on fixing up the oscillators in sm this week, turns out before i got to work on this project for real this year that i didn’t actually understand what a video oscillator actually was lol, i think i’m getting there, as a result of this weeks work and also some of the fun i’ve been having testing out the new edition of Vsynth i have another tool that i’m cooking up for the waaave pool platform thats currently along the lines of being a system of generative feedback oscillators for generating greyscale masks that you can then feed into whatever else you go out there that might have fun with some nonlinear dynamical shapes.

these oscillators in spectral mesh are not exactly generative at the momemnt tho, theres 3 for depth, x, and y displacements, but each is set up with switches for cascading ring modulation and phase modulation between them and each can switch between sin, square, saw, and perlin noise for shapes so theres kind of an astounding amount of combinations for waveshapes happening!


i really like the effects you are getting in that second video -> vertex displacment = a lot of fun !

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