VHS Camera Circuit Bending

A year or so ago I got my hands on a VHS Camera and became obsessed with figuring out how to circuit bend it. At the time most of the advice I got was to buy a video mixer and play around with that instead. That’s definitely the safer and less invasive route but if like me you’re really into the idea of modding the camera itself this guide is for you.

This is a mostly finished build guide I made for how to circuit bend a *Sears Roebuck VHS Movie Camera Model No. 934. 53742850, add a tv transmitter and simple vga synth. This model was the easiest to mod of a few ones that I worked on and had some really cool results that I’ve tried to document in the guide.

This is probably useful mostly as a jumping off point for your own camera explorations but it sparked a real interest for me in circuit bending older VHS and VHS-C camera’s so I might be adding to this over time.

VCRoy.pdf (7.2 MB)


wow great stuff thanks for sharing!

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This is very cool, thanks for sharing!

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