Vhs-decode : interesting project for software vhs decoding + tbc?

just reading about this project

this faq page gives a good overview

seems really interesting, intended for archivists to digitize a bunch of different magnetic tape formats in highest quality

(Involves modifying / “tapping” the raw signal off a vcr head and capturing + processing digitally the raw rf recordings)

Theres a spinoff for processing directly cvbs data which also runs through the:

world’s first software-defined digital TBC for analogue video media

For those who know what a TBC is and or spent too much on one, It beats the FA-310P and TBC-1000/3000, DMR-ES10/15 handling LP and unstable media incredibly well

im quite curious how this would handle intentionally glitched signals lol and how tbe capture compares to other conposite capture techniques…

will report back here if i get around to testing it !


I’m fascinated by this idea! looks like a lot of work to get the ADC card they recommend setup tho

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