Video amplifier

When I was VJing last time with my friend using 2 laptops connected via Glitch Mixer to Panasonic WJ-AVE7 we felt really limited having only 2 outputs from Panasonic as one of them was going to CRT TV on the stage and the other output was routed to the projector.

Thus, we were unable to have any preview of what we were doing as both of the output devices were setup in a way that we had to leave our station to check out the visuals.

After that, I’ve started to research the subject of video amplifiers.

I’ve found one device that seems like it would fit our needs but I couldn’t find any reviews on that or even more information about how it exactly works.

My question is: would this device allow us to multiply number of outputs from video mixer? Has anybody ever used that or something like that? Is there even a way to have video amplifier?

I assume that having another mixer would sort of resolve this issue but I’m looking for video signal amplifier instead of another mixer.

i don’t know about that video splitter, but i am pretty sure you can use the rca and the s video outs on your ave7 at the same time. essentially doubling your outputs. you would just need to use s video cables, or maybe s video to rca adapters


before I had video amps, I used BNC T-splitters to mult the signal.
you can get away with this pretty good, up to 3 splits per output.
Some CRT’s have inputs and outputs, use that in your advantage.

search for video distribution amplifiers for more results

Here’s one I have that works well. It just buffers the input signal to each output. You can still find them as new old stock for $20-30 bucks, search eBay for radioshack distribution amplifier .

Alternatively one could also built a one input multiple buffered output module using the circuit described here LabGuy's World: A 75 ohm buffered video amplifier

I sell a DIY PCB/panel for a eurorack dual three-way distribution amplifier. It’s pretty easy to make, even if you’re a beginner. The boards are also available at Raw Voltage and Thonk, if you’re in or near Europe.

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I think you’re not looking for a “video amplifier” but for a “powered video splitter”?

I’ve seen products like the one you’re asking about when we were also looking for video splitters. As far as i can tell that’s a product meant for vehicles…for example a bus with a single video source, and 4 video monitors to show movies to passengers. I guess you need to power it, so if you go for it make sure you have a proper power supply.

We don’t know anything about cars and their power supplies so we bought one of these video splitters:
plus another one, at the same price, with 8 outputs. They come with their power supplies which are standard anyway. They have been working without issues for about six months now.

If you get one of this be careful - most of these products aren’t 1-to-many splitters, but the other way around (many-sources-to-one-video-input switches) and sometimes there are mistakes in the product name and description…so double check pictures and description.

also, we confirm the following

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