Video Art Zine 1.1 + 1.2

Video Art Zine 1.1 + 1.2 is finally complete! It’s a collection of still frames contributed by 23 artists from the Scanlines and LZX Community forums online, presented as two 24-page Riso booklets. They will officially debut the Detroit Art Book Fair, October 15-16, and Phase Space in Brooklyn, NY will also have copies at their flea market on October 16th. Beyond that, the zines will be available online/via post, and I’ll be looking for some independent bookstores or retailers who may want to stock it. Online orders are open now at Print Cache, with a pre-release sale going until October 15th. First online orders will go out the week following the release dates.

Here, check it out:

Devin Greenwood
Holofiche Media Systems
Jog Films
ReverseLandfill / M. Verhallen
Sean Deyoe
Gard Gitlestad
Spike the Percussionist
Bereen Ondo
Rob Toner
Paloma Kop
ex zee ex
Agawell / jimhowell1970
Michael N Meyer
bobby pharaoh
Pascal Hector
Breaking the Remote Interface
David Jackson
Mike Stoltz
CountFunkula +DFRXN_Limited

I’d like to share my sincere gratitude and appreciation for everyone who sent images in to create this visual document in printed form. I am honored to work with such creative, generous makers, many of whom both inspired and facilitated my own explorations in the fascinating world of video circuits. Printing is what I know best, so this is my contribution back to the community. ~ Happy Patching!


I wanted to say that I got mine in the mail and they are beautiful! Such a delight, thank you @jevergreen!

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Thanks @revjon!

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