Video DIY schematics

This is a WIKI about ‘all’ open source video schematics available.
Feel free to add to the ‘all’!

The files are located in a Google Drive managed by Cody Johnson and me. In the future we will move this to a better place, like Github or a website with a dedicated page.

/edit: while working on this archive, I made a few mistakes. I think it is fixed now. if you find a empty page, please PM me. I have a backup on my PC ///

If you have comments or notes, PM me!

I’m aware that this google drive is mentioned at the Video Manual thread.
I think this dedicated schematics thread is a clearer way to collect all projects.

Video DIY schematics

External web pages with video projects


should/can we add to the documentation on that gDrive, or do you want to curate/maintain? I would add James Schidlowsky’s Videffektor, documentation
is at

It would be cool if there was a WIKI with enough space to handle this. it is about 1GB (/edit: 730MB) now :slight_smile

@fluxmonkey : pm me your email address. I can give you the editing privileges.

@reverselandfill we have 1terabyte of static object storage , currently being used for the videos on , although I’m sure we could work out a way to also host other stuff there if it was helpful in some way

cool. Let’s talk about it next week. (I have more time then)

I found others, from Akirasrebirth

Hi @m01t4, welcome to Scanlines and thanks for your contribution! (it had been automatically flagged by the system, sorry about that)