Video Experimenter Shield studies

a few studies with the Nootropic Design Video Experimenter shield for arduino - I’ve messed with the original TVout library for arduino (which is as fun as it is poorly documented) and figured adding the ability to overlay / effect an input signal would be interesting, and it is!

the ability to view just the output of the shield is really handy (as shown in the second video below), and the relatively lo-resolution comparator output looks nice when overlaid with the input signal. the program used is a slightly-modified version of the video frame capture example patch, with a longer delay between outputting each captured frame.

face.mkv (58.3 MB)

  • VHS → experimenter shield → 2000s era USB capture card. frame capture overlaid onto orig signal, paused VCR.

countdown.mkv (56.5 MB)

  • same signal flow, with VHS ffwd-ed. frame capture output only, capture every 500ms.

I don’t know why I haven’t gotten one of these shield’s to play with yet…

…ouffh! - thank you for the inspiration - i think i have one of those boards in some box somehwere here - never really played with it…

…note to self: find board, play with it…

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Right now if I want to get a similar effect I have to use both channels of the FXE100 for it.

I should get one of these soon, now that I’m finally getting ready to set up my video rig again.

i have one of these shields, it’s a good example of something that’s very simple but has many fun possibilities. i used it for an installation in 2014 to generate text as a seed for feedback.


o yeah, generating text and then doing feedback is def next on my list. I’m really excited to incorporate written work into video stuff in general!

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