Video feedback technique : a new discovery in video synthesis : visual stimulants

I stumbled across this internal feedback technique and I’m curious if you guys have seen it before the texture that it’s bringing in really gets me going if you know what I mean

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Nice feedback!!

It reminded me of this Goopy Gradients by particlesintowaves - Video Pack — Sleepy Circuits

this is called “machine feedback”, it works with most analog mixers by patching the output to the input. (or with more machines in the loop)
we often use this in our shows together with camera feedback techniques.


Very nice appreciate the knowledge kind sir you are a gentleman and a scholar. I extended the chain through my circuit bent gear on bypass and into another videonics MX Pro and was able to really weaken the signal to where it was almost barely coming through. By the way love you guys work that Creepy Cluster is a beast on the list for sure

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