Video from computer to waaaves pool to projector

I am having issues with waaaves pool not showing my display window from my computer. I would like to have a video play from my computer to waaaves pool to synthesize live and project that. I have tried changing the display settings to the lowest they will go,ive tried to split screen,duplicate screen and second screen only with no results.

I tried hdmi to hdmi-usb converter into waaaves then hdmi to projector. nothing
I tried directly from computer to projector using hdmi and i get a feed
i tried using usb webcam into waaaves then hdmi into projector and it works
I tried usb webcam to waaanes,hdmi-usb converter from computer to waaaves to hdmi projetor and get nothing.

any thoughts? do i need any software?

What kind of hdmi to usb converter are you using? It needs to be a capture card/capture device and not just a converter. I got one off Amazon for around $20 that works well.