Video generating software for old computers?

Hello folks! I recently got this very tiny computer, an Asus EeeBox. Basically just a netbook of the era but in a thin client form factor. I’ve just finished installing XP on it and was wondering about using it for my video setup, since it’s just so tiny and it fits perfectly in what little space I have available.

The problem now is… what to do with it? Are there any programs for XP (I could install 7 Basic or a lightweight Linux distro as well if needed) that’d be useful for generating video patterns and things like that, which I could then feed into a VGA to composite converter and into the rest of the setup? (right now the only things that come to mind are the built-in screensavers and the visualisers on Windows Media Player)


Came in here to suggest Visualjockey, too. Should run very well on any Windows computer less than 10-12 years old, and it’s actually really powerful once you adjust to the interface.

The main download has been dead for years, but some of the mirrors still work. This one seems like the fastest right now:

EDIT: also it has a built-in Matrix effect so it’s obviously good.

EDIT 2: Gephex should still be downloadable. I haven’t used it in years because last time I checked it won’t even install on a 64 bit OS, but it should be fine with 32 bit XP:

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Any recommendations for an old Mac? I got an old Mac mini I’ve been looking for a use for

I’ve never tried it, but there’s a Mac build of Gephex.

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Way back in the day, my friends and I were all into WinAmp’s visualizers on our XP boxes.

And I was having fun making my own visuals with Max/MSP+Jitter and with the free equivalent pd. I can’t remember if I was using Processing on XP too back then, or if I came into that later, but I wouldn’t be surprised if older versions worked on XP.

With all these things, you probably need to specifically seek out older versions for XP compatibility.