Video-hardware with unusual / rare power-supplies

inspired by this discussion: Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1, psu build

what are some other examples of older video gear that have such specific power supply requirements that perfectly working units are sometimes unusable?

Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1

  • requires +5vcd @600mA, -5vcd @500mA
  • uses mini-din5 connector
  • wip w help from @nsputnik reports: pin1 = -5v , pin2 & pin4 = +5v, pin3 & pin5 = gnd (correct me if im wrong)



from @BastienL:

Videonics MX3000 (/MXPRO?)

  • requires +5vdc @5.0A, +7vdc @.6a, -7vdc @.4a
  • uses din6 connector
  • unknown (to me) pin assignments


got me thnkn maybe it would be worth creating a small diy power_adapter board to run these more easily ? at the least gathering relevant info in one place is useful for anyone trying to modify theirs :))


I say don’t post the VE-1 info yet, we are still figuring it out.

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ok i edited op. thanks again for the help !