Video-hardware with unusual / rare power-supplies

_inspired by this discussion:

what are some other examples of older video gear that have such specific power supply requirements that perfectly working units are sometimes unusable?

Videonics Video Equalizer VE-1

  • requires +5vcd @600mA, -5vcd @500mA
  • uses mini-din5 connector
  • wip w help from @nsputnik reports: pin1 = -5v , pin2 & pin4 = +5v, pin3 & pin5 = gnd (correct me if im wrong)



from @BastienL:

Videonics MX3000 (/MXPRO?)

  • requires +5vdc @5.0A, +7vdc @.6a, -7vdc @.4a
  • uses din6 connector
  • unknown (to me) pin assignments


got me thnkn maybe it would be worth creating a small diy power_adapter board to run these more easily ? at the least gathering relevant info in one place is useful for anyone trying to modify theirs :))


I say don’t post the VE-1 info yet, we are still figuring it out.

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ok i edited op. thanks again for the help !

Found pinout for mxpro with slightly different requirements. Assuming it’s front view of plug as it’s printed on the psu itself but not certain. Also unsure of exact ‘common’ value if not simply ground. Advice is welcome as I’m somewhat in the dark here but so help me God I’m gonna do it.

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Having any luck with the power supply yet? Im trying to do the same, have the mxpro as pictured here.

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V4 / V8 - ring is positive and pin is negative (like older audio gear or guitar pedals). Also there are AC wall warts for processors like the GSE. I mark everything with zigpen for safety!

What I’d like to use more effectively is 3.3V / 5V / 12V of a computer PSU. They’re perfect for powering CCTV cameras - and also 12V DC equipment (either 2.1mm or 2.5mm sockets).

I put together a spaghetti beast for this but it’s a bit unwieldy, and soldering / heat-shrinking the cables took a while. It could make sense to use an alternative common cable / jack type for connecting things with PSU.


There are also PSU breakouts like this:


Seeing now that you can buy 2.5mm and 2.1mm end-to-end cables online. So something like the above PSU breakout but with a long row of 2.1mm sockets (the most common type). Some 5V could be broken out into USB-A, for dongles and such. Though some current limiting would be needed…

Toggle switch for aesthetics

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Only some of the Videonics VE-1 units require the weird power supply. Later units took a more standard +12v supply, I believe.