Video jellybean components?

I’d love to ask some of the wonderfully skilled people around here: Do you have any favorite jellybean components for video electronics? Most of my background is in synth DIY and microcontrollers, so I have tubes of LM358, TL072, TL074, LM13700, particular shift registers, random SPI DACs and etc. I’ve messed with some video specific components such as the LM1881, and used a few transistor circuits for filtering video, but in general I feel inadequately stocked, for example I don’t have any high-bandwidth opamps. What kinds of components do you keep on hand for this sorta experimentation? Thanks!

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LM6172, LT1251/LT1256, LT431, 74HC4053. Have a look through the LZX Cadet and Castle schematics! They are awesome.

Also check out Reverselandfill’s Video Experimenter Board…


Much appreciated! Looks like I have some datasheets to read :heart: