Video jellybean components?

I’d love to ask some of the wonderfully skilled people around here: Do you have any favorite jellybean components for video electronics? Most of my background is in synth DIY and microcontrollers, so I have tubes of LM358, TL072, TL074, LM13700, particular shift registers, random SPI DACs and etc. I’ve messed with some video specific components such as the LM1881, and used a few transistor circuits for filtering video, but in general I feel inadequately stocked, for example I don’t have any high-bandwidth opamps. What kinds of components do you keep on hand for this sorta experimentation? Thanks!

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LM6172, LT1251/LT1256, LT431, 74HC4053. Have a look through the LZX Cadet and Castle schematics! They are awesome.

Also check out Reverselandfill’s Video Experimenter Board…


Much appreciated! Looks like I have some datasheets to read :heart:

In addition to the LM6172, another good high speed opamp is the AD8044. That’s what @schaferob uses, last I knew. They have some benefits over the LM6172, depending on your application: AD8044 can be run on +5V whereas the LM6172 needs a dual supply, and AD8044 are quad package instead of the LM6172’s dual package.

If you’re using eurorack power, though, LM6172 is probably better since it can handle +/-12V. That’s one of the reasons why you see them in the DIY LZX modules. Both the LM6172 and the AD8044 come in DIP or SOIC, and they’re both roughly the same price per single op-amp.

I’m seconding the recommendation to look at the LZX Cadet/Castle schematics. They’re wonderful references for DIY video electronics in general!

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