Video mixer displaying unwanted flashing colors/down scaler suggestions

I’m using a cheap down scaler from amazon and 90% of the time I get random unwanted flashing colors in my video when using my wj-mx20. The mixer and down scaler work fine on their own. Has anyone had/fixed this issue? If so what down scaler are you using now? Thanks in advance!

What down scaler are you using?

Does the flashing only happen when you’re playing with effects on the channels? Invert and Luma/Chroma keys can have a tendency to easily enter the strobe zone while activated together, so that’d be the first thing I’d troubleshoot if you’ve been experimenting with effects and haven’t gotten used to all the mixer’s quirks yet.

It’s this one.

There’s one at Best Buy for like $40 that I think I’m going to try out.

Yeah I have noticed the colors will start after I’ve been going hard with keying, but it will also do it as soon as I turn everything on. It also started doing it once after lightly moving the down scaler lol

…try ‚better‘ cables first as perhaps the cheapest possibility to solve the problem…

…with switching to cables with just a little better connectors i repeatedly could solve such problems…

I’ve swapped out all the cable already, maybe I need to get better ones.

And just to confirm - the downscaler works fine while connected directly to a display with the same cables you’d use for linking it with the mixer? IIRC, I think the MX-20 uses BNC ports instead of RCA… the problem could also lie with cheapo BNC->RCA adapters if you’re using those on the mixer. I’ve read several accounts of people citing issues with poor build quality on those before, but an obvious thing to check there would be making sure they’re screwed onto the BNC jacks all the way and making good contact.

Ya same cables! I went ahead and got a new down scaler, an insignia from Best Buy, and that seems to have solved the problem.

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