Video Mixer help?

Hello everybody,
recently i bought my first glitchbox, and i am havin some fun (but i noticed my effect knobs seem to work only in last degrees of rotation, I’ll try my a different crt in future), and i was planning to buy an analog video mixer. I already own a WJ-AVE7, but as many before me, it has the classic green tint problem and i can find no one that can repair it in my area.
Do you have suggestion about some video mixer i could buy? I don’t know a lot about this topic, and i don’t fully understand the potential about having a video mixer combined with glitch boxes apart from switching from the clean source to the one with glitches (an help on this topic too would be soo appreciated!)

Thanks in advance!

theres 3 main things folks use video mixers for

  1. you can mix 2 video sources together.
  2. you can use them to put somewhat cheesy effects on video sources
  3. you can use them as a signal generator by running an internal feedback loop through them

and the one back up thing that folks with glitch gear use them for is to help stabilize their video signal for if they need to go into a projector or flatscreen.

the question “what mixer should i buy” is honestly not really one that makes sense to ask if you don’t already have like a really clear plan of how you need to use it. i’d just recommend buying whatever is reasonably priced and trying stuff out. or better yet, post the area that you live here or in like lords of light discord and see if theres any video heads out where yr at who would be down to show you around their gear sometime? 5 minutes of seeing how someone else uses their gear is going to make much more of a difference than any text replies folks can make here, esp if you don’t have a ton of prexisiting context.

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A lot of the bends available on a circuit bent video device seem to be right near the end of the potentiometer. You can sometimes alter the range with a different value pot or adding a resistor or capacitor but the person who made the device probably tried that already.

Based on the description provided about the “glitch box” you are using, it sounds like you need a TBC (time base corrector) to adjust your signal as desired.

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