Video Mixer: Panasonic WJ-MX12 Outputs only in Monochrome. Is it defect?

Hi Scanlines! wanted to intro my self in other thread but could not find the reply button. Im Zven from Montreal, Canada.

Bought this AV mixer second hand on FB marketplace.
It is my first mixer and i dont know if the composite/SVIDEO outputs only in one color tone for my whole SNES output. Direct in TV i see all the colors of game but in mixer only one general color tone.

Im quite discouraged to troubleshoot. I tried all i can do in the controls.
To the point of cracking open the frame and analysing electronic components, chips and circuit.

Any insights would be appreciated.

I just finished the DIY LoFi Future VGA Circuit bent Ram chip, but not impressed with my results.

Thx for the help.

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I tested with a camcorder and its black and white when passing throught the mixer no colors like the peoples on youtube.
The outputs are BNC and have little adapter that convert BNC to Composite.
Now i will try to find a way, reflow solder, check parts, analyse datasheet of microchips try to find the one responsible for colors inputs try to find replacement or cirrcuit bent it and just find another one when i can afford it.

My only guess, apart from replacing components, is that it may be in PAL mode (if such thing is possible to toggle with the MX12.)

It SHOULD be in colour though. I assume you checked all inputs. Another small troubleshooting thing you can do is switch cables, switch outputs, etc. But it does sound like an internal problem if you’ve done all that.

Nice to see another Montrealer on the board!

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Nice, thank you :slight_smile:
Ok will go deeper next month.
Happy holidays !