Video Rig Rundowns

Hey friends.

I posted a video of my wee video corner that I thought folks might find interesting, inspired by @YOVOZOL’s awesome video that he made a while ago. I’d love to see what other folks are using. Thanks for all the help and advice!


((everybody: I think there’s a thread somewhere with previous similar posts, but I can’t find it…please link it below if you find it))

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Thanks for the tip on the 8x8 matrix, I think this is what’s been holding my rig back a bit. Just picked one up.

We need a thread/wiki on color enhancer units. I think your unit is PAL only - right? In U.S. Elite Video seems like a popular choice for the black enhance. I wonder if anyone has other recommendations considering the difficulty in finding the BVP4?

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you may want to check out these ones: Topics tagged color - and there are probably other threads that have not been tagged #color yet

Thanks! I have to thank the forum for pointing me in the direction of the matrix :slight_smile: Yeah, my colour enhancer is PAL only afaia.