Video signals and systems classes in brooklyn

i do irregular classes (well becoming more regular now that covid seems somewhat stabalized in nyc) at my studio Phase space, basically i set up a fuck ton of video equipments in interesting configurations and let folks play around with thems while i ramble about various topics that seem useful for folks getting into feedback systems and broadcast equipment. if anyones interested in the next one its scheduled for october 7th, registration is at

also somewhat off topic but only mildly so, this studio is in my basement at my apartment and we are looking for a new roomate for october so also anyone interested in living at a space with a huge video studio in the basement should drop me a line!


If I wasn’t like 200 miles away I’d do it on principle just to thank you for making all your stuff open source and awesome.

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would love to drop by the studio ; when such things like ‘travel’ become appropriate again

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lol yes someday padding