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Me and @wednesdayayay got chatting on the lines discord and have come up with a idea for a weekly/biweekly hangout for folks to talk all this video and hang out. All skill levels and experience welcome. We are also planning monthly challenges for everyone to try out with different tiers of difficulty and hardware/software for folks that maybe don’t have a lot of know how or equipment. We are kicking off things on the 28th at 6pm GMT. that is 1PM EST and for fellow europeans +1 GMT that is at 7pm.

Please use this to join the LZX discord where we will be all meeting!
I am really looking forward to talking to you all , particularly as i am a beginner in Video Synthesis. I have seen folks be interested in the community calendar. So i hope you all see this.

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Study Group
December 28, 2020 6:00 PM → December 28, 2020 7:00 PM

We’ll say an hour for now but I would be open to more. Ultimately this is something I’d like to be weekly/bimonthly.

My goal is to have something that is less focused on the video output and more focused on discussion. Showing the studio setup, monitor/mixer choices, different ways to record/playback, programming RPI synths, making your own sample packs there is so much to talk about.

There is a streaming service hosted online that could be good or perhaps just zoom.

this is partially going to be something of a data collection venture for the community patch book I started as I’m wanting more information to fill out the FAQ section.

I hope to see some familiar non-synthesized faces :slight_smile:

@andrei_jay @emmadickson (I seen you were interested) so just tagging you!


I’m so very excited for this opportunity to meet and discuss this shared passion.

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ah heck, yall aint just done and gone asked me to join a discord??


Yes, I am interested in chatting with people but definitely not in joining a discord. :confused:

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Why? Its just a service we talk on and can send messages and offers free video calls for any length of time. Its the best free option we have at the moment , do you have an alternative?

Not wanting to have another app/login is totally understandable.

could potentially work right @Zifor?

I haven’t used it in a bit but there is no sign up just a browser based interface

also once we get to sharing actual video art it may be a better solution than discord.

zoom seems like a no for me
I don’t think twitch is the right interface for something like this
facebook is a no

any ideas?

I’m seeing that Chrome browser, laptop/desktop/Android device are the requirements for livelab so that may cut out some people too…


Yes, it’s the another account thing that puts me off. It might still be the best option overall. ¯\(ツ)


Thats reasonable , to be fair i don’t have social media , so to me it doesn’t seem like an issue , but thinking about it , if you do have a lot , i can imagine it being so. A great point and hopefully we can come to some kind of middle ground!


Definitely i want everyone to feel comfortable in the space , we are in the teething stages , and im sure we will sort something out!


See &/or hear some of you in 5.25 hrs :star_struck:


i think live lab seems like a chill place to start. i was mildly joking about joining a discord but i do also feel a bit overwhelmed and frustrated with the interface of those personally. plus having it be behind a log in might dissuade more folks from casually hopping on?

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We started chatting on Discord , so it just seemed like the most logical place to do it , But we can definitely talk about the format on the call today and see what folks think

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we will be doing a smaller video get together this upcoming Monday (1/11)
it seemed like the time was agreeable before so we should keep it the same for now 1PM EST
We will be doing it on the LZX discord again
in the Voice chat

a goal for this meetup is to hopefully get some of the folks who have shown interest since the last chat involved and introduced.

If you want to come ready to any of the following that would be very helpful

  • Introduce yourself (anything you want to share … it has typically been along the lines of name, location, preferred pronouns (she/her | he/him | they/them etc) if you want, how long have you been involved with video synthesis)
  • Talk about a project relating to video synthesis in some capacity
  • Ask a specific question relating to video synthesis

on discord if you can change your nickname to include whatever you prefer to be called as a person (including pronouns if you want) that would be wonderful!
for instance ours is just [Nichole & Paul Pichon] but something like [respirator(Paul)] or [Paul(he/him)] would be totally fine.

There are no expectations that you have to have video synthesis on your screen this is more about chatting. If you want to be on voice only there are also no expectation that you have your video on to participate.

I’ll probably be rearranging my rack a bit during this one.

and I’m going to get setup to talk for just a moment about how to change the flow of feedback with mixers like the V4/V440 as there were some questions about it last time.

So the third edition of the Video Study Group chat happened yesterday, Monday 25th. It was well attended and easily over 12 people took part at various stages throughout the evening (here in Berlin that is).
Feb 8th has been proposed for the next one but also a different day & time would certainly be considered from what the organisers said. See or hear you at the next one.