Video stuff from tayda electronics

hey! does anyone know if tayda carries many video relevant components? so far only seeing 4053s and standard resistors transistors etc etc

just started looking at the op amps on there and so far lm318 has the highest gbw (22mhz)

I use some of Tayda’s mechanical (e.g. switches, sockets) and general parts (TL072, common value resistors, 74HC series ICs etc). Most of their parts are OK but a few (e.g. the cheap switches and the Davies clone knobs) are definitely not good. There are lots of threads in various places about the bad Tayda product lines, and some people write off the whole store because of a few bad experiences.


i really like tayda. they can be much cheaper than the alternatives for things like switches, buttons, sliders, trimpots and jacks…

never had any problems with the quality myself (or never noticed), plus support have been helpful when i (everytime) remember something i need just after placing an order.

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