Video synth website

Video synth website

tdlr: this is the site:

so the idea is that I started off with synths, and video synths were out of my price range , but there was an artist in sydney who had an LZX system (Pia Van Gelder) but , I was fully emersed in the noise music scene ,

I bought a synth from Gieskes in 2018 , 3Trinsrgb , and then I started getting some things in the Eurorack format. but mainly the gieskes synth was the greatest. I think the Gieskes synth , is one of the greatest video synths ever.

I had an 808 drum machine that I had bought on yahoo auctions years before this, which I sold to fund a trip to japan in 2018 , and after that trip , once I sold the 808 I realised why am I holding on to all this old vintage gear , I can get it again, I got back and sold all my gear basically and just got a big LZX system and started doing "VIDEO SYNTH " which is the name of my project . some people might disagree with the name , its like if you started a band called AUDIO SYNTH or somethhing . instagram link

but so to cut a long story short , I MADE a lot of work between 2018 and 2020 , I had really big LZX system and did about 60 live gigs during this time, we even during covid started our own streaming website called GUMMI. and so got really into some of the nuances of video art . I really have mostly studied video art outside of the institution. but I havent been a part of the scene whatsoever.

2020 I started learning glsl , and I Started that by looking tbings on , and I got Touchdesigner , and realised like some others that the GLSL TOP in Touchdesigner is amazing,

so I work as a web dev, and was working mainly with javascript/ react , and yeah so I have realised how I can use Threejs to do 2d videosynth stuff in the browser, I just made this first iteration of my site which is like an interactive video synth .

here it is :,

post some screenshots if you make any?

would like to share and discuss and talk to other likeminded people on here about this ,

I also started doing video synth paintings in 2020 because I studied painting and digital media arts and I feel like the thing I never liked about it was the networking aspect , but yeah check it out . btw I am 36 years old so yeah , its never too late or early to find something that you really understand, personal insta :

Ive actually been doing video synth paintings so thats another story

but at the same time I am sceptical of like what anything means so just will gauge it by how it goes, I mean I want to talk and collaborate with people but also im pretty busy so whatever.

big respect to my heros such as Philip Baljeu (who I have never talked to ever lol but just admired from afar) , Gieskes, and um yeah all of you, I can talk more about the website or whatever , GLSL !

cheers from CHRIS PETRO


This is great work! I have been thinking about doing something very similar, in that Iā€™d like to create some interactive web art. Did you share your code anywhere? I was looking at this on my phone (mobile safari) where it performed great, but I was unable to inspect the code.