Video Waaaves and advanced video mixing techniques classes at phase space in december

howdy! we have two events coming up at phase space (a multimedia art collective located in bushwick, brooklyn USA) in the next month before we go on a bit of hibernation vacation.

*Wednesday December 1 7pm-10pm is an intro to Video_Waaaves class. Is a great opportunity to get a head start on how to utilize this set of free video art tools for real time video art zones on your laptops! RSVP and more info here

*Wednesday December 8th is Analog Signals and Systems 2: the sequel. this is a follow up to our popular intro course and as such is hoped that you have a little bit of experience with using hardware video mixers already. Like the intro course this will be held mainly as a hands on, interactive workshop. Unlike the intro course we will dig into some more complex signal routing techniques as well as working with more modern digital video signal gear and systems! RSVP and more info here

we do not offer streaming options for our IRL classes but we are always open to taking our classes online so long as someone else is willing to take care of organizing, ticketing, and streaming details! we are also open to doing more artist visits to campuses like our wesleyan trip, hit us up at at gmail dot com if yr interested in making something like that happen

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