Video waaaves desktop version 2.718... updates, poll, and invite

howdy yalls, so I’ve been working on upgrading and testing out a whole slew of new biz for Video Waaaves version 2.718… and would like to let everyone know where i’m at and see what folks are thinking about some features. remember even if you only care about the embedded systems versions of these remember that all of the VSERPI were originally developed for desktops first, so if you want to see stuff on a raspberry pi (or whatever other kinds of nano computers that might be more readily available in the future. i’m currently looking into getting the version 1.0 of gravity waaaves available for a kickstarter this fall/winter and while i don’t think i’ll have unlimited numbers to sell, there will be something out there in the consumer sides of VSE worlds to look forward to :slight_smile: ) heres the full update list of where i’m at now

*mixing modes now has lumakey & chromakey with cleaner detections (working in RGB space instead of HSB space), keying can be soft or hard, and the order of keying/mixing is now selectable. mix modes now include lerp, add, difference, mult, and dodge with selectable color overflows of clamp, wrap, or fold
*color modes now has HSB offset + HSB attenuation. the chaotic Huex things have been replaced with just hue offset and hue shaper. Dithering & color quantization (posterization) added, color powmap added to feedback lines. selectable overflow modes for saturation and brightness in feedback added as well

*geometry modes now has shear matrix, spirals, fisheye, and kaleidoscope. traditional mirrors have been fixed so that they don’t get rotated all glitchy like before

*selectable ranges for everywhere where it matters. like in VW 2.5 where you could change x displace range from like -1 to 1 to -100 to 100, same thing has been added onto all paramteters where it really makes a difference

*pixelization windows have been integrated into the individual channel windows to help streamline the gui. nope i’m not going to get rid of pixelization even tho basically everyone doesn’t give a hoot.

*individual reset switches for each little sub parameter module. I’m starting there and then going to work my way back up so that resetting values to defaults can be done at just about any level folks would like

Does you want

  1. ability to to switch between RGB and HSB for color manipulation stuffs? i experimented with this a bunch and i kinda think it mostly sucks for feedback stuff tbh.

  2. masking & wipes added into mixing? like using some kind of gradient alpha mask to blend between channels. could have a bunch of presets made that come with the bundle (circle, square, triangle) plus the ability to add your own user generated masks

3.this is kind of a big one but do folks want the channel matrix mixer thing involved here too? like being able to mix Hue of channel one with Red of fb0. i’m somewhat concerned that VW is getting too bloated and would like to save some stuff for future projects but again, if lots of folks seem stoked it would be worth testing out

also i’ve been getting lots of feedback from folks interested in helping out and, off the top of my head theres some things i can think of that might be better tackled as a group

  1. save states: how to save sets of parameters, on like a small module scale (like just the parameters for fb0, or fb0 geometry) as well as a global scale. check out the vst Phonec2 by psychic modulation if you’d like to see an example of this implemented

2.easier midi implementation. i think at the bare minimum some kind of gui editor for assigning ccs would be a good place to start, and with that in place it would be pretty easy to develop a midi learn +save midi config capability.

  1. a pop up window when you first start the application that allows you to select output window resolutions plus preferred input resolutions & devices for cam1 and cam2

4 probably less important but probably cool for someone to look at would be general cleaning up and making the gui more attractive & intuitive.

  1. text based documentation and manuals. theoretically id love to write these myself but i think maybe the best way to go about this is to have other folks put together the basic info and then i can edit, tweak, and annotate the stuff folks have already written.

also i’m pretty stoked that folks have been joining the patreon slowly but surely. it is pretty encouraging for me to see that a chunk of my monthly expenses are covered and then i feel pretty great about spending about 2 days a week working on the updates. i think the main reason i drifted off on the desktop app maintenance was just needing to focus on the various grinds for short term income. anyone interested in helping out, even if you can’t/don’t really want to support the patreon yrself, just spreading the word about video waaaves in general is always helpful!


Yes to masks/wipes!
Yes to a midi GUI editor!
The other stuff I don’t know enough to know if I want it or not. I think just sticking to RGB would be beneficial to help keep things focused, yet still able to get insane(especially if it has proven to be better suited than HSB).

Congrats! Re: Masks and Wipes, can they be movies so we can have the sheep wipe? :wink:

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is actually the other way around, HSB has been much more fruitful than RGB for feedback stuffs. under the hood, all the mixing is done in RGB now tho which is way smoother.

hahah, i’m still having some serious annoyance with integrating any kind of internal media player so i think wipes would be limited to just a still image that can be ‘animated’ by like xyz displacements

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