Video_Waaaves MacOS Sonoma / XCode 15

Hey everyone!

At first: I tried installing Video_Waaves on my Macbook Pro M1 with Sonoma, but couldn‘t get it to run. Sonoma requires XCode 15, and i‘m not getting it to run. I followed all rules on the M1 Tutorial mentioned, but it still won‘t work. Got anyone an idea how to get it working?

What i want to archive:
I‘ve got Auto_Waaave running on my RPi 3b+, but i want to process a video from my macbook and after that, capture the signal back in OBS to precess it again and then put it out to a projector. It would be cool, to have it all in the box to reduce latency, because now it‘s really annoyingly long.

howdy cana
i’ve mostly given up on keeping the VSEDSK alive on post catalina OSX’s due to time and financial concerns. options are to ask around and see if anyone else has been maintaining things in that sphere on their own or see if theres enough folks interested in joining tmy patreon and voting to fund development for M1 macs that way. i don’t own any m1 based hardware and have no need to purchase any on my own so would need cash for that plus funding for about 2-3 weeks of work to get everything fixed up on my end and update documentation.