Video Waaaves Tiny Preview Box Issue

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with the video waaaves app specifically the preview screen (see below image)

I have followed all instructions on the website and README file in terms of typing in the resolutions etc but nothing works.

Here is my debug screen…

If anyone could help I’d be very grateful!


if yr using ndi video into cam1 or cam2, then you’ll need to change resolution for that specific input otherwise it’ll get cropped. changing cam1 or cam1 resolutions is covered in the troubleshooting page

Hi Andrei,

NDI was given as setup: 1 so I changed cam1 to (1) and changed the resolution if this is what you mean?

Still doesn’t do the trick unfortunately :frowning:

it looks like you didn’t save your changes when you altered the code, so it didn’t recompile anything and did the same thing over again