Videonics Mx-1 TBC

Does anyone here use the videonics Mx-1 as a tbc for circut bent signals? Im looking into buying tbc’s rn just trying to weigh my options

from memory the tbc on mx1 is pretty good for glitchy stuff.

i should dig mine out to make some tests…

it also has this dual tbc mode (from the owner manual) :

which is pretty handy in a larger system… im assuming the two parallel outputs from this will be *nsync with each other too so you can dirty_mix them easily and other fun stuff

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That sounds great thank you

In my experience, throwing dirty signals into an mx-1 usually made them unusable unless I had another tbc in the chain. I think bpmc mentions this as well in the about section. Although, I never tried what cyberboy mentioned, the dual tbc mode, might be viable.

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I appreciate it, is there a tbc you prefer for dirty signals?

Sadly I don’t have a dedicated tbc, but the one I’m using currently is a JVC JX-SV55. It works fine for me but I’ve read someone say it’s below average. I’ve also read that some ppl enjoy the SFX-11’s tbc, but I have no experience with that one.

I surfed ebay rq and found a JX-SV55 for cheap. I will say that its a pretty basic processor unmodded and its also a little bulky. If you have the deskspace and need a cheap tbc, id pick it up, but buyer beware.

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Thats a steal of a deal thank you for linking that

ah yes as @vsadex linked above, drew say about the mx1 tbc:

My hesitation with modifying these over the years came from their reputation as being cheaply constructed with temperamental TBCs. When people get these they often think they are broken because they’ll plug an old VCR into it and the t-bar will lock up and the output will just keep toggling back and forth between source A & B. This is the MX1s way of saying it doesn’t like the signal you’re sending and it needs some additional stabilization (i.e. the use of another TBC or mixer).

thats interesting - havnt used mine for years, but dont remember the tbc being that weak. im more curious to give it a go now ! (maybe the pal ones were somehow better lol)

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I didn’t know a PAL version existed, interesting. I also wonder if there is just 1 version of an MX-1 or more. I know that the Titlemaker 2K had 2 different versions but I always wondered if Videonics had other products with mutltiple versions.

Theres defm multiple versions of their enhancer as well

…for PAL there is also a ‚ROWI‘-variant - i should have one storage - i‘ll check and make a photo when i can…

…actually, i found two variants on a shelf - both PAL, but one with a golden Videonics-label, the other one with a ROWI-label (and weighing about the double of the first):


thats crazy lol ! i wonder what the difference is :sweat_smile:

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Ballast. :slight_smile:

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…ok-ok…i‘ll open them eventually to check…not soon though, sorry…

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