Videonics Titlemaker 2000 cycles colors when a source is connected

Howdy folks,
I recently picked up an old Titlemaker 2000, and it works great. However, when plugging in a source to the input to composite titles over the source, SOMETIMES (I can’t reliably reproduce it) the titles/backgrounds generated by the Titlemaker will cycle colors while the source is unaffected. Unplugging the source bring the output back to normal. Sometimes the colors cycle very fast, sometimes slow.

I’ve only tried connecting a Raspberry Pi 4 using native composite-out, as well as running the Pi through a VCR. I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue when I use the VCR only with no Pi in the chain, however if I use a bad VHS tape, the titles generated will “follow” the distortion of the tape.

From poking around here and other places online, I am guessing there is some kind of chroma signal timing that the Titlemaker doesn’t like/messes with, but I am sadly not too knowledgeable about video. I don’t believe the Pi’s analog output can be tweaked too much beyond NTSC/PAL settings and a few aspect ratios, but I’m willing to try anything!

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Are you talking about how the text color is cycling fast? or the source video. When I use my title maker I have an issue with the text looking like a fast rainbow unless if I use white.

this YouTube video is an old tutorial for the title maker. maybe it has something in here that can help you.

Yes, exactly. The color on the text/backgrounds color cycles (sometimes, it is hard to reproduce) while the source video looks normal underneath. Disconnect the source and the text looks normal.

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ill let you know if I find something for this, it kinda sucks because the title maker is so versatile and when it does that it limits it

You know maybe a time based corrector would fix the issue, im gonna try to get my hands on one soon. Offen they would sell the title maker with the videonics mx1

I’d be very curious to find out what you learn.

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