Videowall processor - image mag 1 & 2 - problems

Heya folks,

I have some problems with 2 of my 4 electrosonic image mags. Fo those don’t know it: It’s an Videowall processor with composite in and RGB output for mapping an single image on multiple RGB screens.

Unfortunately it’s an super rare unit and nothing to find in the web :[


  • unit 1 (imagemag2 es5540/N) gives out stable image :+1: [image 1]

  • unit 2 (imagemag2 es5540) gives out nothing at all

  • unit 3 (imagemag es5539) gives out vertical lines in the color of video input [ image 2]

  • unit 4 (imagemag es5539/N) gives out stable image :+1:

Opened the two one, but unfortunately looking good inside with the eyes…

Anyone is familiar with those devices?

Thank ya and warmest greetings from Berlin

I did wrote a mail electrosonic, but since it an unit from the 90s… yeah, let’s see.

What makes me curious is that only the version 2? Or’/N’s version is working probably.

Monitors are 2 hantarex MGG15 w/ compo/rgb input and an Panasonic tc1470y compo only


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