Vidicon 2020 - 12 to 15 nov - Melt your Brain!

There was no global topic yet, so here it is!
Lots of familiar people do talks, workshops, livesets, demos and other interesting things :slight_smile:
Go check it out!!

**Vidicon 2020**

Agenda: - note that the timeformat is in MST

11/12/2020 8 talks

12:00 PM Vidicon Introduction and 2019 Retrospective

12:30 PM Hydritsi, a video art platform by Autr

1:00 PM Video Synthesis as Video Games
Andrei Jay

2:00 PM Cinematic VR - reality-based virtual reality

3:00 PM ‘Garden of Astral Blooms’ AV Performance and Talk
Rachel “Rew”

5:00 PM A/V Performance Naomi Mitchell
Naomi Mitchell

5:30 PM Compositing Virtual Worlds with vintage DVE’s

Mike Mazzotta

11/13/2020 9 talks

12:00 PM MatrixMixer / CMIX and feedback patching
Martijn “ReverseLandfill”

Evan Henry

1:00 PM Hypno: A modular video device
Ron from Sleepy Circuits

2:00 PM Techniques for Structural and Event-driven Visuals
Tim Thompson

3:00 PM Video Is A Possibility Generator
Allen Riley

4:00 PM Experimentation + Spaces

5:00 PM …all about Lasers
David Francus

6:00 PM A/V performance by Alex Pelly
Alex Pelly

7:00 PM uuskhy + SIFI Music Video Premiere
uuskhy + SIFI

11/14/2020 9 talks

11:00 AM mail-in workshop: build your own two_comparator_effect
Tim Caldwell

12:00 PM What I Learned From Teaching Video Exploration to Students
Sci Fi Sara Good Mon

12:00 PM AVE MOD workshop with Syntonie
Bastien Lavaud

1:00 PM Physical objects in combination with a video synthesis system

2:00 PM The Origin and Continuing Evolution of STRUCTURE
Rick and James

3:00 PM Hybrid show (VanTa)
Van Ta

4:00 PM Pink Noise & Mobile Projection Unit: Femme Guerilla Art in Portland
Sarah Turner

5:00 PM Performance - Amethyst Seer
Benj Braman

6:00 PM Beata - Live AV performance
Sam An

11/15/2020 7 talks

12:00 PM Introduction to Kicad; a hands on interactive workshop
Tim Caldwell

1:00 PM SONIC VIRTUALITIES: Spatial Sound, Virtual Music(s), and Composition for Quarantine
Matthew D Gantt

2:00 PM REWereHere - Scan Processing App

3:00 PM Evolution of Liquid Light Show Technology from 1950 to Present and Beyond
Steve Pavlovsky

4:00 PM Control and Response in Creative Visual Instruments
Robert Jordan

5:00 PM Jellotonin Vid performance

7:00 PM Live ambient A/V performance (PalomaKop and AndreiJay)
Andrei Jay


awesome trailer @reverselandfill ! and cool to see the lineup altogether -> v excited for this

Thanks :slight_smile:

updated post with stream link

what is the status of archiving this stuff btw? already getting questions from folks still on 9-5 schedules on how to view things in nonlive settings

preparations for my liveset…


@edk will know more for sure. but if i understand correctly the streams should be forwarded both to twitch / youtube, where replaying is prob an option from there.

in general we have also been talking about setting up (another) peertube instance to self host the vidicon archives, from last year, and this year i guess eventually

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It will be archived on this youtube channel

Streams are flying all over the place, youtube, twitch, instagram, twitter… I will get into the peertube stuff eventually just havent had the time!


Can you post all the different stream links on the website / here?

  • I did not see them anywhere (?)

super pumped for this!
last night was really neat I hope to catch even more tonight

we are playing Saturday Nov 14th at 1:00 PM

here are some pictures of us getting ready for our talk/performance

and a video preview

We will be discussing combining physical objects with a video synthesis system. The flexibility of creating your own already visually interesting content to then process further allows for much smaller systems to be more than viable.

break a leg everyone and thank you for participating!


awesome trailer! :sparkles:

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not sure exactly, but i think the streams will be at:

vidicon stream (best option!)

-> where the official live chat is, (and wont get blocked for copyright during dj sets)

jakes youtube

highst quality (1080p) , persists the buffer, so you can pause etc. worth trying if dropping on the main

eds instagram

jakes facebook

not sure anything was actually going here but theres also eds twitch and youtube


My modular that I used for the liveset (module demo + performance at 12:00 MST / 20:00 CET)
I used all my patchcables :slight_smile: …ordered some more because of that.
on the right side of the black case is a camera feedback setup.
Left case = mostly audio, but also some video eurorack (Syntonie CBV001 + VU002, Castle VCO + FlipFlops and my own stuff). right case is a custom LZX Cadet system21 with some modules swapped out (dual Castle ADC. with the green knobs)
I don’t have a video mixer here in Italy, so the recordings are raw!
(ps: I pre-recorded because I only have crappy WIFI here)


So we can play music if it is our own? or just one of us playing piano?

also can we pre record some or all of the performance and then just stream that?
There has been weather around us that has me a bit worried and I’d like to at least have a back up plan

@respirator yes i believe so. guess @edk is the person to ask but yesterday some of the performances/talks were prerecorded , and some were live. and some a mixture of both. so do whatever works best for you i would say

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since this is turning to a vidicon prep thread:

figuring out how to do solder workshop online -> recur == my overhead camera lol

lets see how it goes :smiley:


any ideas when the demo and performance will be reuploaded? missed most of the talks yesterday :frowning:

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Twitch has some recordings

nice! will check that. but as i remember twitch only archives it for 2 weeks?

There will be a more permanent backup. but with this twitch one, you can view it right now :slight_smile:

here is the youtube stream:

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yupp a permanent vidicon archive is on its way. we might even start getting some videos up there today. not sure, but def soon !

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