Vidicon 2021 goes live TODAY!

VIDICON 2021 - NOVEMBER 12 through 14 -Starts streaming today at 5pm PST. Agenda: // Stream Page:

It’s been a wild ride and now it’s the third year in a row of Vidicon! This year we have about 40 different events, talks, premiers, and live streams. Talents from all over the world. A few highlights:

  • Saturday morning from 7am PST through to Noonish we will have the in person Berlin meetup broadcasting on the Main stage. Cinema.av and Autr have organized a great line up and event.

  • We have a custom web ui that features 5 screens, 4 of which are open to artists to connect and stream to at their leisure throughout the event. One of the keys of Vidicon has always been open collaboration and this year is no different. BEHOLD THE CUBE! Thanks to @autr @cyberboy666 and the Scanlines crew for setting this up.

  • Vidicon will be broadcast over the air like old public TV stations this year, as we dreamed would happen when we planned for an in person event this year. Tune in to the David Françus presentation on Saturday to learn how.

Vidicon has been a 100% non profit passion project, and I am honored to have technical genius, streaming expert and known korg jazz noodler Jake Metz keeping me from unwinding like a VHS tape caught in a VCR. Thanks again for all your help Jake!

I’d be honored if you tuned in and checked it out this weekend. hey after all… FREE ART!

Love, composite and laserdiscs,



That was an awesome Vidicon ! I was very happy to join in. I learned a lot and was very pleased to see you once again. I’m definitely thinking about organizing a stage in Vevey (Switzerland) next year. I’ll send you an email when I’ve got more clues !

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