Vidicon '21 - Call for Submissions

Still looking for submissions for Vidicon!

Nov 12-14 - Online - []

We need:

-Longform Pieces

-Music Videos

-Live Performances

-Pre-recorded Performances

-You wanna do visuals for a musical artist

-You wanna talk about what you have been working on

-Discuss some technology, history, or culture

-Share a story about video art

-Show off software, hardware, or a project

And much more. We have time to fill and a platform for artists to share. This is really a low pressure environment to share what you want.

Please submit your proposal here:
Vidicon Proposals


What’s the deadline for submissions?

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First week of November! You can also submit a piece early but only upload your video the week of the event (if doing prerecorded)

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You’re in Vancouver now, right? You think there will be a Vancouver in-person edition sometime post-pandemic?


I don’t know anyone here! Maybe?
The plan we had was to do an in-person one in Portland. Have a great venue for it. And not far from Van…


Super down, I’ll probably have a pre recorded to share, and I’m up for doing some live visuals too. Will submit stuff soon, if not before deadline. :smiley: :vulcan_salute:

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Portland maybe next year? :yum:

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This is super-cool! I only just started putting my rig together, so it’ll be tough to make a submission this year; though, it’s always good to have deadlines. Definitely next year! I just learned of this conference now and looks right up my alley; something I think I can pull off without embarrassing myself. Excited!

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Did I miss the deadline, PMing @edk