Visible Signals questions


Is Visible Signals still in business?

Does anyone have the pdf manual (schematic, bom, build guide) for the 1SW A/B Switch module from Visible Signals?

I’m in the USA and trying to figure out if these would work with my setup and if it makes the most sense to buy a bunch of them or if I need to build something similar but slightly different.

Thanks for the help.

as far as i know - yes - webshop is still up (and items seem to be in stock)

maybe tagging @VisibleSignals and Adrian will reply here ? also theres a contact email on the website

Hello belj!

Yes, I’m still in business. But very quiet, since I haven’t released any new designs for quite a while as the rest of my life (including my day job) have been rather busy. But supporting existing customers of my designs remains a priority.

I think you might have emailed me about this a day or two ago - if that was you then I’ve just responded to your email (sorry for the delay). Please let me know if you’d like me to share your question and my answer here.

I just checked at it seems I never did a manual for the 1SW! It’s a simple, passive module but there is one customisation option that you’ll need to know about when building it, and there’s a knack to putting it together easily that I need to write up. Sorry about that - I’ll get on it.


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